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Skin Armor Sunscreen SPF 50

Designed to hydrate, protect, and replenish the uniform we all play in—our skin. It keeps your skin moisturized and provides 80 minutes of maximum water resistance to power you through a marathon or the afternoon surf. Made with a reef friendly formula without oxybenzone, parabens, or alcohol.


Weightless, non-greasy and reef friendly formula

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Can I use this sunscreen on my face?

Art of Sport Sunscreen can and should be used on your face. Our formula is oil free and dermatologist tested, plus it has high performance sun protection with SPF 50 and Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection, which is important to protect the sensitive skin on your face.

Is this sunscreen good for sensitive skin?

Yes, our sport sunscreen is dermatologist tested to be non-irritating. It’s oil free, fragrance free, alcohol free, and paraben free.

Is this a chemical or a mineral sunscreen?

Art of Sport Skin Armor is a chemical sunscreen, meaning we use chemicals to absorb harmful UV radiation, rather than a physical barrier (mineral sunscreens often use zinc oxide or titanium dioxide).