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Hair + Body Wash: 2-in-1

Recharge and refresh your body from your hair to your feet with a deep-cleansing, intensely moisturizing, and superior hydration experience that lasts long after you shower. Great for sensitive and dry skin. Made without parabens or alcohol.


Infused with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Roseroot

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Available in 2 Fresh Scents


Power up with this citrus inspired scent

  • Energizing Rush
  • Green Pear Infused
  • Citrus Finish


Rise with this super fresh + clean scent

  • Clean + Crisp
  • Cedar Infused
  • Vanilla Finish


Is this a good body wash for dry skin?

Yes, Art of Sport Hair + Body Wash is intensely moisturizing and formulated to help athletes combat dryness from sweating and frequent showers.

Can I use this as a face wash? 

Art of Sport Hair + Body Wash is formulated to hydrate your skin and moisturize your hair and scalp. Our botanical rich formula is also non-irritating and dermatologist tested, so it can be used to wash your face.

Is Art of Sport body wash for men or for women?

Anyone can use Art of Sport body care products. Our formulas will work for men and for women.

Should I use body wash vs. bar soap?

It’s your call: we offer both. Art of Sport Hair + Body Wash has the convenience of being both a shampoo and shower gel, so you can shower quickly and get on with your day. Plus, it's easy to take on the go to the gym.