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abby dahlkemper

Welcome to the Team, Abby Dahlkemper. 

From rising through the ranks of United States Women’s National Soccer to overcoming potentially career-ending obstacles, the North Carolina Courage defender is the true embodiment of the name of the club she plays for.

“Art of Sport is building a legacy from the ground up,” says Dahlkemper. “The brand is redefining the role of personal care products and routines for athletes. I joined the roster to help shape that legacy and to use this platform to help athletes on their journey.”

Abby’s journey to the top of her sport wasn’t that of a typical blue-chip athlete. While most of the women on the World Cup team were recruited during their undergrad years, the Menlo Park, CA native played all four years at UCLA—winning a NCAA championship in 2013—yet was not called up to the USWNT team until she turned pro.

After getting her call up and making an impression on the international game, it all almost came crashing down in the blink of an eye. She found herself fighting a serious bout of sepsis. She was bedridden for six weeks and faced the reality that she may never again play the game she loves. She slowly and resolutely recovered her health and went full force at returning to the top.

Since 2017, the World Cup winner has been a mainstay on the USWNT and a standout performer in the NWSL. She’s as adept at shutting down a counterattack as she is at pinging direct long balls to the forward line to start an attack.

But for Abby, the key to her success is confidence. With three NWSL finals appearances, two NWSL titles and the aforementioned World Cup title, that mentality is suiting her well.

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