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  • Take your skincare game to the next level

    Upgrade to body care that works with better formulas and without the chemicals that slow you down.

  • Take your skincare game to the next level

    Upgrade to body care that works with better formulas and without the chemicals that slow you down.

Try the #1 Body Care Brand for Athletes

Ready, Set, Fresh

  1. Start with a No-risk Trial Kit and get 5 body care essentials for just $5
  2. Two weeks later, we'll send you full sizes of what you like, with a members only discount
  3. Control what you get, when you get it - change products, dates, or cancel anytime
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Performance Driven Formulas


Stay cool and fresh all day with moisture-wicking, Matcha-infused deodorant.

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With Rich Botanicals

Shampoo + Conditioner

Strengthens hair, conditions, and hydrates your scalp with Coconut Oil.


Better Ingredients

Body Wash

Feel clean and refreshed with our intensely moisturizing Tea Tree Oil formula.

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No Unnecessary Chemicals

Body Bar

Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil deliver a deep clean that lasts all day. 

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Keeps You Hustling

Daily Skin Lotion

Hydrate your skin from head to toe with 7 essential moisturizers.

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"Our goal is to give athletes better skin care to help them unlock their full potential."

Kobe Bryant, Founding Partner

"We took out the bad stuff and added rich botanicals to give your skin what it needs to perform."

James Harden, NBA MVP

"Art of Sport keeps my skin refreshed and protected, giving me an edge to push further.”

Sage Erickson, World Champion Surfer

“How I train and what I put in my body every day matters. Now I can do right by my skin."

Javier Baez, MLB World Champion

“We took body care to the next level with rich botanicals to get your skin on point.”

JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pro Bowl Wide Receiver

“Athletes deserved a better body care brand, so we built one from the ground up.”

Ryan Sheckler, Skate Legend

"I’m proud to make innovative products with formulas that help athletes feel their best."

Ken Roczen, Motocross Champion



Better body care for athletes without the unnecessary chemicals didn’t exist.
So we made it.
Our Story


Formulas designed to keep up, infused with performance botanicals and without the unnecessary chemicals



Made by the world's best skincare scientists and athletes, our products were made to keep you fresh all day



What's the deal with the trial kit program?

It all starts with a Trial Kit for just $5 + free shipping. We’ll send you trial sizes of our deodorant, body wash, daily skin lotion, shampoo + conditioner, and two body bars in our Compete and Rise scents. You'll have two weeks to see if they can keep up with your hustle. If they do and you love them, we'll send you your first box with full sizes. You can determine what we send and how often we send it and you can cancel at any time.

How much will I save if I become a member?

You save at least 10% on every subscription order. If you decide to get a year's worth of Art of Sport, you'll save even more. It's win-win. We’ll keep you fresh. You’ll stack more money and never run out of the stuff your skin needs to keep up with the grind.

How often does my box get delivered?

As a default, we send boxes out every 2 months to keep your locker stocked and keep you from running dry. If that's too often, or not enough, you can change delivery dates anytime. You tell us when and that’s when we’ll ship it - this is your gameplan, player.

Is it easy to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime in just a few clicks without having to jump through hoops, or call us. We hope you'll love your Art of Sport products and experience, but we’ll never make it hard for you to leave the team.

This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

No catch, no small print. You can catch fresh scents and better-looking skin, but you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or any sneaky commitments.

Why does what I put on my skin everyday matter?

Your skin is what holds it all together - your heart, muscle, nerves and hustle. It needs to be re-energized, kept hydrated and ready to perform - all without the unnecessary chemicals that slow you down and do you harm. When your skin smells, looks and feels good you perform at your best both on and off the field. Take care of your skin and everything else will follow.

Why didn't body care for athletes exist before?

We don’t know. But we saw a lot of the old players slap 'Sport' on their product labels without the formulas athletes need. So we got in the game to give athletes the performance driven body care products they deserve with powerful natural botanicals and without the unnecessary chemicals.

Should I use Art of Sport if I'm not an athlete?

If you have a body, you're an athlete and if you believe that what goes on your skin everyday matters, then Art of Sport is for you. Our formulas are built with rich performance botanicals and without the chemicals your skin doesn’t need.

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